3 Reasons to Book a Relaxation Massage

3 reasons to book a relaxation massage with Krista today! 

1) It reduces DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) 
One of the most profound reasons to get a massage is when our muscles are sore from use. We naturally try to self-massage our own muscles on these occasions by rubbing or squeezing the areas that are tender; sometimes successfully, other times with frustration. A relaxation massage session has been studied many times on its effects to reduce DOMS as seen here: 

  • One study by the Journal of Athletic Therapy said: "Massage administered 2hrs after exercise induced muscle injury did not improve hamstring function but did reduce the intensity of soreness 48hrs after muscle insult." (http://bjsm.bmj.com/content/37/1/72

  • Conclusions from another study quoted this: "Massage was effective in alleviating DOMS by approximately 30% and reducing swelling, but it had no effects on muscle function." (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1250256/) 

These are just two of many examples showing that, in the end, while massage therapy doesn’t add to muscle strength and function, it does affect the flow of nutrition to the muscles and joints touched and decreases nervous system firing. After an exercise session, a tough weekend of gardening, hiking, cycling, sailing or kayaking, a relaxation massage will have you moving freely and with less "oh! I didn’t know I had a muscle there!" moments. 

2) It's fundamental health.  
What's more than a 6 pack? A 7 pack!!! As a culture we direct our focus on those beautifully trimmed midlines that most of us don’t have while forgetting one of the most important abdominal muscles that everyone does have: The Diaphragm! All day long we are breathing, and most of us have forgotten about the fundamental system of breathing in our bodies; including the fact that we are supposed to use the diaphragm to breathe well (Diaphragmatic breathing). Think about it: breathing the first thing we do once born and last thing we do before death; and in the interim, most of us do it inefficiently and without thought. Diaphragmatic breathing balances out the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) and sympathetic nervous systems (fight, flight or freeze) that play an alternating role throughout our day.  If you find yourself in a chronic state of fight, flight or freeze to get through your day, more diaphragmatic breathing will help to keep those cortisol and adrenal levels lower. It's also been reported that diaphragmatic breathing:  

  •  Helps lower blood pressure, and therefore the risk of heart disease; 

  •  Helps lower blood sugar, and therefore the risk of diabetes; 

  •  Releases serotonin, which not only makes you feel good, but can reduce cravings for processed carbohydrates and other junk food; 

  •  Eliminates free radicals from the body, improving cellular function and lifespan;   

  •   Increases the secretion of growth hormone and slows the aging process; 

  •  Improves mental focus and clarity by increasing blood flow to the pre-frontal cortex of your brain; 

  •  Improves sleep quality (which will help with all the above as well); 

  •   Facilitates weight loss by balancing stress hormones with anabolic hormones. (https://www.menshealth.com/fitness/a19520961/diaphragmatic-breathing/

Diaphragmatic breath is focused on in yoga, but also in massage therapy. The goal is to retrain the respiratory system, so it can work optimally and with less effort. During a session and for homecare, I will have you work on this and give you feedback on how to do it efficiently, so you can apply it to your life easily and see results! 

3) Relaxation massage is Self-Care.  
Self-care has become a large focus in modern day life, and while we all have our own rituals of self-care, they usually aren’t the most beneficial to the wellbeing and physiological function of our bodies. Instead of grabbing those gym shoes to get moving and burn off some of the cortisol and other hormones/energies we accumulated throughout the day, we hit the sofa and become zombies to Netflix. Instead of drinking water all day long we reach for that oh so lovely libation at the end of the day to...relax. A relaxation massage will help your body and mind let go, pulling both pieces together to connect and you will leave feeling refueled and Zen. 

I look forward to incorporating all these reasons and more, into your relaxation massage session with me. I am passionate about wellness and movement and how I can help you. The benefits of relaxation massage extend past the session with me and if incorporated regularly will create a more calm and healthy body. 

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